We engage in both used and fuel oil,Closed - Loop services to buyers and sellers of used engine oils, hydraulic oils, and industrial lubricants and Residual Fuel Oil (RFO). Our Closed - Loop services are available to buyers and sellers worldwide.

We sell used oil in a Closed - Loop transactions: We supply used motor oil, residual fuel oil for recycling to major national and international plants. We have permanent demand for regular supply of used oil that meet our buyer's criteria. For collection agents with a constant supply of quality used oil, we have buyers interested in monthly purchase.

Used oil acquisition: Bulk and large quantity orders, typically sourced from multiple national and international locations.

Burnham Green Oil, Inc. collects and recycles nonhazardous used motor oil, hydraulic oil, transmission oil, fuel oil or other high flashpoint petroleum liquids.

BGO will transport via tank trucks, vacuum trucks, rail cars, drums and or IBC to the re-recycling plants, where they are recycled into alternative fuels or lubes.

Used Oil Specifications
API Gravity, 60⁰FD-28724-30
Flash Point, ⁰FD-93140-250
Viscosity, SSU @ 100⁰FD-445200-300
Sulfur, (XRF) %wtD-2622<0.50
Water by Distillation Content, %VD-95<1.0
Sediment by Centrifuge, %D-1796<1.0
Ash Contnet, %wtD-482<1.0
Sodium, ppmD-1318<150
Total Chlorides, ppmD-2622<600
PCB, ppmD-4059<2.0
Total Halogens, ppmD-80863<500
Pour Point, ⁰FD-97<30
Asphaltenes, %wtD-6560<2.0
Arsenic, ppmD-5185<5.0
Cadmium, ppmD-5185<5.0
Chromium, ppmD-5185<10.0
Lead, ppmD-5185<100
Silicone, ppmD-5185<150
Important Notes
  1. Range numbers in any above specification represent acceptable Min and Max for the quality of acceptable dry oil
  2. Specifications for dry used oil also comply with ASTM D-6448 (RF04 & RF05L)
  3. Used Oil can not contain animal or vegetable oil (EPA's criteria for used oil)
  4. Used Oil can not contain transformer oil due to potential presence of Polychlorinated biphenly (PCB's)
  5. Used Oil can not contain antifreeze and any light petroleum Used Oil (e.g kerosen)
  6. Used Oil Can not contain any Used Oils solely used as cleaning agents or for their solvent properties.
  7. Used Oil can not contain any bottom clean-out form virgin fuel storage tanks or virgin oil recovered from a spill


Commodities Services

Burnham Green Oil, Inc. (BGO) is a privately held organization, founded by Mary A. Burnham. BGO is a diversified organization with partners in energy markets of North America, Canada, Mexico, Asia and Africa.
BGO comprises entities that have been identified as strategic: Commodities of BLCO, Black Diesel, LPG, Aviation Jet Fuel, D2 (Diesel) LNG, and Bitumen.


BURNHAM GREEN OIL INC. ( BGO ) is  a global exporter for gasoline to the standards of each country.
BGO will give a good market price and meet your needs according to your choice of transportation: tanker, rail car, vessel or barge.