China US Private Investment Summit

Former President Bill Clinton the guest speaker for the Investment Summit and other dignitaries from the government, US-China relations, and the investment community..

Austin, Texas, 2015 Burnham Green Oil, Inc., BGO Dallas, Texas was honored to attend the 2015 China-US Private Investment Summit.

BGO was also honored in Who's Who in Energy in the Dallas Business Journal 2013 and 2014. BGO in 2014 was along side with energy icons T. Boone Pickens, Trevor-Rees Jones and Rex Tillerson.

BGO, Chairman and Founder Mary A. Burnham said our goals for the Summit is for BGO to continue building on our existing partnerships with China in developing trust Business Life Partnerships. Burnham said BGO is in agreement with Jay Riskind the Summit Chair "we are two countries with one goal, China's investment dollars come here, and U.S. brands go there.

President Bill Clinton

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